Augmented Reality (AR) Trends: The Past, Present & Future Predictions For 2020

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The year 2018 has gone by, leaving some intensive growth records in the field of Augmented Reality. This technology sure is going to continue its growth in the software field by developing many more nestling projects and emerge into large-scale productions. In 2018, many companies experienced various augmented reality prototypes along with POC concepts.

Many innovative projects have shown to the world that augmented reality has a very good commercial value and future potential. Large-scale businesses are witnessing the growth of augmented reality and they have planned on developing their upcoming projects using AR.

Experts are trying to turn the projects based on augmented reality into real-time customer applications. The Augmented Reality predictions for 2019 say that AR technology will continue to grow and pick up its pace and break all the headlines.

Augmented Reality’s Evolution is Really Progressing

Augmented Reality initially began in the year 1968 by Sutherland, who used it in the construction of head-mounted display systems. When the evolution of augmented reality is concerned, it has rapidly been used in the fields of business, logistics, gaming, manufacturing, retail industry and many more. AR used to be an activity which can easily enhance the growth of any business by its visual overlay.

Many organizations have conducted experiments using augmented reality technology and the resulting outputs blew their minds. Reports say that there was a 90% increase in the rate of accuracy followed by a 30% decrease in time consumption by building a basic AR project. The project was further managed, and efficiency was later enhanced by the DHL which made it reach 25% and is continuing to grow on a wider rollout.

Nowadays, augmented reality is applicable in almost all architecture industries. Reports have proved that most of the feedbacks regarding augmented reality are positive as it is a very transparent process in terms of the designer as well as the client.

Augmented Reality’s Insights into the Coming Future

1. AR’s close relationship with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence is very much essential for the operations of augmented reality. AR allows objects to be labeled and identified in the viewer’s visual point of view. Many social media applications that we are using today are developed with a combination of augmented reality and artificial intelligence. For example, on Instagram and Snapchat there are various fun filters like the dog filter, bunny ears, pig filter etc. which are based on consumer-facing applications.

These applications do not function unless and until both AI and AR are combined and operated. We are sure going to witness and get to use a lot of more social media applications which have functionalities like image enhancements, in this year 2019.

2. AR in terms of Teaching and Training

Both the training and teaching technologies belong to the field of education. By using augmented reality technology, any information or data can be passed to a learner in real-time. These systems give a better sense of vision and pull out the objects and hazards which ultimately result in best-practice. Augmented Reality has proved its worth by decreasing the amount of risk and the cost rates in association with training. In 2019, we will see a swift growth of industries which use augmented reality tech and perform their works with much more costly equipment and tools.

3. AR’s connections with Virtual Reality

Facebook is one of those most used social media applications which beliefs in augmented reality and virtual reality environments. AR vs VR is also a viral topic nowadays.

Augmented Reality results in connecting people, socializing them with the help of virtual reality. Both virtual and augmented realities together worked in developing the” conference calls” where users can see one and other and at the same time, they can interact with each other.

These conference calls can carry more than 2 people also at the same time. All this happens to be possible only because of the connections between augmented reality and virtual reality. With the combination of these two platforms, a pioneer named as Spatial has paved its way towards to usage of AR equipment.

These tools and equipment allow users to witness pin boards and whiteboards. Augmented Reality along with virtual reality together work on design-based documents lay on real-time objects. In the year 2019, we might see users meeting up and socializing by using virtual reality. There is also a prediction regarding the growth of these systems in terms of sales of VR and AR headsets. 2019 is going to be an exciting year to wait and experience the interactivity between people with real-world representations.

4. AR is overtaking the Automobile Industry

Autonomous cars may take a few more years’ time to come into reality. Meanwhile, many automobile companies are making use of augmented reality and artificial intelligence technologies to mark their presence in the market. The automobile industry is an advent of augmented reality businesses. In the year 2019, we are going to see developments in terms of voice assistants like Siri. There will also be a growth of augmented reality in cars.

Automobile companies are currently working in dashboard-mounted display graphics from around a vehicle with the help of camera footage. This technology is likely to reduce the occurrence of accidents, as it has the capability of pointing out towards hazards along with the identification of landmarks which are historical along the way.

Seeing the results coming from AR technology-based companies, large-scale automobile companies like Tesla, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, and Volvo have signed contracts to work on this platform. Augmented Reality technology also has the capability to take routes in protecting AR data onto a car’s windshield.

With the help of augmented reality technology, we can also experience the identification of frequently used lanes, navigational prompts, detection of hazards, information about the right direction etc.

By using AR technology companies are potentially building strategies, to improve the safety conditions of the driver. These strategies will allow the drivers to keep their entire focus on the road and at the same time go through the feedback that would have been displayed on a phone screen. This process can also increase the driver’s comfort levels in the vehicle, and he can conveniently drive his car.

AR Trends which will Advance Soon

So here are some of the augmented reality trends we are expecting to mature and prevail soon.

a) Mobile AR is the show stopper

With the introduction of headset-based AR, there came up more advancement which uses augmented reality for the measurements, predictable tracking, improvements rendering and 3D detection. Apple has showcased some of their experiences by sharing the AR spaces with the usage of a new file format for detecting the objects.

This format is termed as USDZ or the universal scene description. This format is likely to be more open to the third-party software than ever before.

b) AR offering a natural experience

Everyone is waiting to see improvements in gesture recognition. There are certain issues like gaze direction, which are interesting to work on. To provide a natural experience to the users, it is better to make a convenient product. For example, it is going to be very interesting when a user just looks at an object and it gets detected immediately. This is something we can implement in real life by eliminating the job of a person from turning his head.

Currently, there are few companies which are concentrating on minimizing the lags in tracking which is one of the major issues seen in the latest AR devices. These issues do not last for more than a millisecond, but they still show a level of discomfort on the user. In 2019, we will see more issues resolved with the help of augmented reality testing as it can possibly track anything.

c) AR welcomes Extended Reality (XR)

Extended reality is a form in which we can alter reality digitally. XR comprises of mind reality, virtual reality and augmented reality. The alphabet ’X’ in the abbreviation of extended reality represents all of the above letters.

All these realities are unique in their purposes and origins. Their boundaries her deleted sometimes and their similarities which overlap will grow more evidently. We believe this year 2019 is going to use all these realities successfully. This is one of the top augmented reality trends.

d) XR’s priority remains to be in the entertainment field

The entertainment field is currently making the best possible use of augmented reality and extended reality along with virtual reality’s sphere and will surely not take a back step this year. XR has the full-on potential to survive in the entertainment field for many more upcoming years.

Apple used augmented reality in gaming while the other companies used it for educational purposes. We will continue to witness the rapid growth of mobile AR in terms of business as well as in software development.

e) AR market paves its way towards Modernized and Innovative Solutions

If you have a meaningful idea which increases the throughput and the sales of the product, then augmented reality technology is very much ready to take you towards success with its modernized and innovative abilities. With the rapid advancements in the field of AR, your idea will prevail and receive triumph exclusive of its state of the art structure or its domain.

Many ideas which ones were dismissed from the market are now showing up all over again just because of using superior augmented reality technologies and trends. For example, problems faced in designing indoor navigation like the positioning of scenes, starting and ending points, marks etc are now coming back with high speed to be solved and get released into the market.

Such technologies are going to be improved and polished over time with the help of augmented reality. The market always remains open to those who make use of augmented reality in their ideas.

f) AR results in evolution but not revolution

The year 2018 might not be the breakthrough period for augmented reality but many top companies like Apple are doing their best to bring augmented reality into the cross-platform environment by implementing much better ideas.

Having AR directly in the browsers in an idea on which Apple is working on currently and is expected to come up with some innovation even in the year 2019. This will eliminate the need for downloading mobile applications. We are very eagerly waiting to set the way in which XR technology will work for businesses after applying them. There must be the right and precise use of algorithms for augmented reality development, where there is a steady growth in technology expertise.

Moving Forward

Many technology experts are considering AR as it is seen to be gaining success in almost every field it is used. Almost any issue can readily be solved with the help of augmented reality solutions. When it comes to the development of applications using augmented reality, it is so clear that it is providing such good opportunities to delight with the user experiences. By including the use of augmented reality, we can bring more advancement in multiple fields especially considering the future of augmented application development.

The UX designers have already started to work on improving their designs using augmented reality technology trends. This AR technology will undoubtedly give a lot of advantages to UX experts. UX professionals are trying to enhance the abilities of devices to use its advancements in the IT world.

So, this year is fully packed with many surprises waiting to show up with an increase in the current quality, efficiency, and productivity of any object by using AR technology. Brace yourselves to witness the growth of AR technology alone or in combination with virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

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